When you have no companion, look to your walking stick

Beware the man who will not engage in conversation, he is planning to steal your walking stick or water your stock.

Without my walking stick I’d go insane

Between 1870 and 1915 more than 1500 patents were issued for canes fitted with telescopes, fans, perfume bottles, trumpets etc.

130 whole or partial sticks or staffs, were found in King Tutankhamun tomb often thought left there to assist and protect him in the afterlife.

Albanian Proverb
William Emerson
Irving Berlin


  • Military Related Cane
  • Cane with World War 1 Interest
  • Walking cane with large silver Tau shaped handle
  • Tippling Stick
  • Swordstick
  • Swordstick
  • System Measuring Cane
  • Edwardian walking cane
  • “IDEAL” measurement stick
  • Edwardian “Candle” walking cane
  • Walking cane wih marine ivory handle
  • Very large Continental sword cane with engraved triangular blade.
  • “Brevette” coin holder gadget cane
  • Cane with ivory monkey group handle
  • Stepped Malacca swordstick
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