Professor Persoff in 1843 calculated details of the number of walking sticks crossing London Bridge during the previous six months: 1.490.720; more than a third he concluded were oak saplings, over a fifth were veritable bambo.

The best, the most exquisite automobile is a walking stick, and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it

…striding up and down the fashionable promenade from 10 in the morning till six at night with his coat hanging on a stick over his shoulder making the Emperor and Empress and the Court stand aside for him.

I’ve sticks and canes for old and young
To either they are handy
In driving off a barking cur,
Or chastising a dandy

Consolation from the worlds’ deceit is very common. Some men find consolation even from their walking stick

Robert Coates Holliday
Biography of Beethoven
Cothay Manor Antique Fair
24th - 26th October


  • Folk Art Cane with a a bird and its nest a snake and a Dog
  • Bamboo Sword Cane
  • Swaine Brigg Swordstick, with Slogan Blade
  • Brigg Swordstick with Wilkinson Blade
  • Ivory Handled Swordstick
  • Marine Swordstick
  • Brigg Sword Cane
  • Walking Cane with Silver Art Nouveau Handle
  • Art Nouveau Siver Gilt Cane
  • Opaque Glass Topped Cane with Chinoiserie scenes
  • Walking stick with ivory hound handle
  • Walking Cane with Head Of Mephistopheles
  • Walking Cane with ivory fox handle
  • Automaton Monkey Walking Cane.
  • Folk Art “Gwalia” Walking stick
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