Folk art walking stick (c. 1880 European)

Haevy walking stick, the handle in the form of a dog with a large snout. Mounted on a
hardwood shaft with original brass ferrule.

European, circa 1880
Overall Height of cane 35inch, 88cm

Other Suggestions

  • Hungry skeletons cane
  • A one piece hawthorn cane depicting the Scottish poet Robbie Burns
  • Monocled Man Cane
  • Cane with handle of a young African
  • Unusual natural branch walking stick with Pique type nail decoration
  • Folk art tiger walking cane
  • Folk art cane with moustached man
  • One piece folkart cane with head of a Bulldog
  • One piece folk-art walking stick
  • Spiral carved one piece walking stick
  • Walking cane,stag-horn handle carved as a skull with intertwining snake
  • Folk art walking stick with mans face
  • Folk art cane depicting Cecil Rhodes
  • Military Related Cane
  • Welsh folk art cane with Religious motifs.
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