About Us

Winfield Antique Canes was established in 2014 by Shaun Winfield and Frank Pawley, two long standing collectors of antique walking canes and sticks, we have channelled our passion for canes and collecting into a new antiques business.

With 20 years of collecting behind us we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as an impressive stock of walking canes, sticks and umbrellas into the business.

We still get that “tingle” when we discover new and unusual canes, and our collectors’ passion is a driving force in the business, it’s just that now we will be mainly acquiring items for other collectors rather than ourselves.

Because we have been collecting for many years and also have recently acquired a very large collection from a retiring dealer, we have an impressive selection of walking sticks, canes and umbrellas across all genres of the cane collecting field, including: 

  • System / Gadget Canes
  • Figural Canes in wood, ivory, precious metals etc,
  • depicting animals, people and a host of subjects
  • Early Pique Canes
  • Folk Art Walking Sticks
  • Decorative Canes
  • Sword Sticks
  • Umbrellas / Parasols

Within our existing stock and through items we are continuing to obtain we have Canes to suit every need and pocket, with examples ranging from a few hundred pounds, to unique and fine examples which would enhance any collection.

Winfield Antique Canes will be in attendance at the premier collectors’ conference Canemania 2014 in London September 10th to 13th this year.


We are also two of the founder members of the newly established “Antique Cane Society” A subscription based society that will promote the collection, study, conservation and use of antique walking sticks and canes.


Please contact me if you wish to:

  • Buy canes, walking sticks or umbrellas
  • Sell canes, walking sticks or umbrellas
  • Request a complimentary ticket to an antique fair
  • Request an antique cane consultation service
  • Discuss selling canes – I am always happy to buy single items or entire collections

07703 729408

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